Instapage Review - You Cant Handle This

Published: 13th April 2011
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Have you ever had to style or construct a landing page by yourself? If your in world wide web marketing and advertising than this is some thing you have had to do many times. Its also one of essentially the most time consuming aspects of IM. Not just do you need to get the verbiage right but you also have to get the layout, calls to action as well as the color of the lander appropriate.
Whenever you add all of these things up your usually spending many hours of your time to develop these landing pages. Thatís not a bad tradeoff if your campaign does well and makes you great income but if it completely bombs than itís a huge deal.
You'll also should split test several landing pages to see which one works the best for your traffic. This may be rather tedious work too.
Most of us do not know the best way to style and outsource our work. This is some thing that is more for the established IM rather than the beginner. When you very first commence out you do not have a whole lot of funds to play with. When I first started out I was broke and had to do everything myself. The benefit to this is I am now very great at designing. The downfall is, learning to outsource your work is crucial to your survival in this industry. You ought to not be spending hours performing design work whenever you can do a lot more important issues like creating campaigns or optimizing old campaigns.
All of this is about to alter with the introduction of instapage. Instapage is an remarkable web-based software platform that makes it possible for you to design a professional landing page in just a matter of minutes. It's literally a point and click application. Why is this a big deal?
If we can style landing pages that are professional and convert visitors in only 10 minutes than we can now save cash that we would typically outsource to others.
Instapage has taken it a step further though. They have built the platform around a advanced predictive technology that literally learns from the visitors you send it.
When traffic first appears on your landing page it'll do 1 of two things.
1. Read
2. Hit the back button
We ideally want them to read. This all depends on how you grab their attention with your initial headline. If they're hitting the back button we are losing income. As the user goes by means of our webpage they are completely monitored. Everything from where their mouse goes to how long they sit on one spot of the page. As the information is gathered and the program sees a trend with our traffic it'll adjust our page to work with the traffic and increase our CTR.
This technology will allow us to be able to build 1 landing page using instapage and then move onto our next project. We wonít must sit here and monitor it for hours or days and attempt to figure out why they arenít clicking through.
This kind of technology will change the way we do company online! It will also change the way we make money!

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